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  2. Design Philosophy:

    McLaren is a British automotive manufacturer known for producing high-performance sports cars and supercars. In Hong Kong, McLaren cars are appreciated for their cutting-edge design philosophy and renowned for several key aspects.

    • Aerodynamic Innovation:

      McLaren cars are meticulously designed with a focus on aerodynamics. The sleek and sculpted exteriors are optimized to reduce drag and enhance overall performance.

    • Lightweight Construction:

      McLaren places a strong emphasis on lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, contributing to improved performance, agility, and fuel efficiency.

    • Mid-Engine Layout:

      Many McLaren models feature a mid-engine layout, placing the engine behind the driver. This design choice optimizes weight distribution, enhances handling, and contributes to the dynamic driving experience.

    • Driver-Centric Interiors:

      The interiors of McLaren vehicles are designed with the driver in mind. Cockpits are crafted to provide an immersive and ergonomic driving experience, with controls strategically placed for accessibility.

    • Distinctive Exterior Design:

      McLaren cars are known for their distinctive and futuristic exterior design. Signature features, such as dihedral doors and aerodynamically shaped bodywork, contribute to the visual identity of McLaren vehicles.

    • Innovation and Technology:

      McLaren integrates cutting-edge technology into its cars, including advanced suspension systems, adaptive aerodynamics, and high-performance drivetrains. The brand is at the forefront of technological innovation in the automotive industry.

  3. 2012 MCLAREN MP4 12C

    Used Car Average Price HKD$832,787

    2012 MCLAREN MP4 12C Used Car Average Price HKD$832,787
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  5. Famous For:

    • Formula One Heritage:

      McLaren has a rich history in Formula One racing, and this heritage is reflected in the performance-oriented design and engineering of their road cars.

    • Speed and Performance:

      McLaren cars are renowned for their exceptional speed and high-performance capabilities. Models like the McLaren P1, McLaren Speedtail, and the McLaren 720S have set benchmarks in the supercar segment.

    • Limited Production Models:

      McLaren produces limited-edition models, contributing to the exclusivity and desirability of their vehicles. Limited production runs often feature unique design elements and enhanced performance.

    • Track-Ready Dynamics:

      McLaren cars are designed to deliver a thrilling and track-ready driving experience. The combination of aerodynamics, lightweight construction, and powerful engines results in cars that excel on both road and track.

    • Innovative Hybrid Technology:

      McLaren has been at the forefront of hybrid technology with models like the McLaren P1 and more recent hybrid offerings. These models showcase the brand's commitment to sustainable performance.

  6. Main Models:

    • McLaren 720S:

      The McLaren 720S is a mid-engine supercar known for its stunning design, exceptional performance, and advanced aerodynamics. It is available in coupe and spider (convertible) variants.

    • McLaren GT:

      The McLaren GT is a grand tourer that combines McLaren's performance DNA with luxurious comfort. It offers a balance of long-distance touring capability and high-speed performance.

    • McLaren 570S:

      The McLaren 570S is part of the Sports Series and is designed for everyday usability without compromising on performance. It offers a compelling combination of agility and style.

    • McLaren 600LT:

      The McLaren 600LT (Longtail) is a limited-edition model known for its track-focused performance. It features lightweight construction, aerodynamic enhancements, and increased power.

    • McLaren Artura:

      The McLaren Artura is a hybrid supercar that represents a new era for McLaren, featuring a hybrid powertrain and advanced technology for enhanced efficiency and performance.

    • McLaren Speedtail:

      The McLaren Speedtail is a limited-production hybrid hypercar known for its futuristic design and top speed capabilities. It is part of McLaren's Ultimate Series.

    • McLaren P1:

      The McLaren P1, part of the Ultimate Series, is a hybrid hypercar known for its extraordinary performance and advanced hybrid technology. It was produced in limited numbers.

    • McLaren 765LT:

      The McLaren 765LT (Longtail) is a track-focused supercar with increased power, reduced weight, and aerodynamic enhancements. It is a limited-production model.

  1. 650S (3799cc)
    YEAR Used Car Average Price HKD$ Low Range HKD$ High Range HKD$
    2014 92 1,541,778 868,000 1,880,000
    2015 7 1,628,571 1,550,000 1,780,000
  2. MP4 12C (3798cc)
    YEAR Used Car Average Price HKD$ Low Range HKD$ High Range HKD$
    2012 63 832,787 555,555 1,080,000
    2013 6 942,815 768,888 1,230,000
  3. MP4 12C SPIDER (3798cc)
    YEAR Used Car Average Price HKD$ Low Range HKD$ High Range HKD$
    2013 7 1,014,857 860,000 1,180,000
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