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General Information

328car.com is the number one car price information provider in Hong Kong for buying and selling Cars, Bikes and related products. We publish the latest industry news and opinions via our market-leading website, which offer great potential value to all our audience.

As a car information provider that specialises in the automotive industry, 328car.com is the market segment leader with our highly successfully titles having the highest circulation and copy sales figures. This ensures that our views and opinions are highly respected by readers and advertisers alike.

Since 2011 we have ventured into interactive media with www.328car.com and quickly replicated our publishing success by becoming one of the most popular car price information website in Hong Kong. Our new portal affords all market sectors an opportunity to benefit from the success of our established published titles that have achieved critical mass and are already dominating the automobile sector.

At 328car, we believe that classified ads are the lifeblood of any high volume sales effort and the correlation between sales and advertising means making the correct choice is essential to customer satisfaction. We are therefore fully committed to delivering an effective and value for money solution to suite each of our advertiser’s individual needs.

328car strives to become a strong and profitable Hyper Company by fulfilling the ambitions of employees and customers with a Corporate Philosophy of “Innovation Through Technology.”